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Notable U.S. Hollow Ware Manufacturers

BIRMINGHAM, AL: Birmingham Stove & Range Co. FLORENCE, AL: Martin Stove & Range Co, King Stove & Range Co.(Sheffield, AL) SIDNEY, OH: Wagner Manufacturing Co, Sidney Hollow Ware Co. WAPAKONETA, OH: Wapak Hollow Ware Co, Ahrens & Arnold PIQUA, OH: Favorite Stove & Range Co. COLUMBUS, OH: Columbus Hollow Ware  Co. ERIE, PA: Griswold Manufacturing Co. SOUTH PITTSBURG, TN: Lodge Manufacturing Co. LOUISVILLE, KY: Belknap Hardware & Mfg. Co. ATLANTA, GA: Atlanta Stove Works SHEBOYGAN, WI: Vollrath Manufacturing Co. READING, PA: Orr Painter & Co. BOYERTOWN, PA: Keystone Food Chopper MARION, IN: Marion Stove Co. ST. LOUIS, MO: Crescent Foundry Co, Excelsior Mfg. Co, Wrought Iron Range Co. CHICAGO, IL: Chicago Hardware Foundry Co, O'Brien & O'Brien, Western Foundry Co. LOS ANGELES, CA: Renfrow Ware OAKLAND, CA: American Brass & Iron Co. MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Alfred Andresen & Co. BOSTON, MA: N. Waterman NEW BRITAIN, CT: R&E Mfg. Co. FREEPORT, IL: Stover Mfg. Co. BATAVIA, IL: D.R. Sperry & Co. CLEVELAND, TN: Dixie Foundry Co. WAYNESBORO, VA: W.J. Loth Stove Co. Interactive Content

The manufacturers listed here are those whose products will most typically be seen in the vintage cast iron collectibles marketplace.

Hollow ware manufacturing arm of Atlanta Stove Works
Lines include:
Red Mountain (1930s-1950s)
Century (1950s-1992)
Pioneer (1970s)
Lady Bess (1970s-1990s)

Brands include:
Favorite Piqua Ware
Miami (economy brand)
Puritan (for Sears Roebuck)

Brands include:
Erie (1880-1905)
Griswold's Erie (1907-1909)
Victor (economy brand)(1900s-1930s)
Griswold (1909-1957)
Iron Mountain (unmarked) (1940s)
Good Health (store brand)(1920s-1930s)
Best Made S.R. & Co. (for Sears Roebuck) (1920s)
Puritan (for Sears Roebuck) (1920s-1930s)
Merit (for Sears Roebuck) (1920s)

Brands include:
Chef's Choice
Friar's Friend
Maid of Honor (for Sears Roebuck)¹
Plantation Ware
¹There is some controversy as to whether certain MOH pieces were made by Lodge. While some were clearly Lodge with a MOH paper label, those with the incised MOH TM do not appear to have been made by Lodge.

Brands include:

Brands include:
Wagner (1891-1930s)
Sidney (1905-1929)
Wagner Ware (1914-1959)
National (economy brand)(1890s-1930s)
Long Life (store brand)(1930s)
Montgomery Ward/Wardway (1930s)

Brands include:
Oneta (economy brand)(1912-1926)

Other often-seen U.S. cast iron foundry cookware products:

Ahrens & Arnold - Wapakoneta, OH
American Brass & Iron Co. (AB&I) - Oakland, CA
Marietta Casting Co. - Marietta, PA
Marietta Hollowware and Enameling Co. (M.H.& E.Co.) - Marietta, PA
O'Brien & O'Brien - Chicago, IL
Phillips & Buttorff Mfg. Co. (P&B Mfg. Co.) - Nashville, TN
Rome Stove Works - Rome, GA
Southern Cooperative Foundry Co. - Rome, GA
Western Foundry Co. (Mi-Pet) - Chicago, IL

The above list is in no way meant to be exhaustive or comprehensive, but rather includes those manufacturers which you are most likely to encounter in your search for collectible cast iron.

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