Russell & Erwin Manufacturing Co.

Location: New Britain, Connecticut
Founders: H.E. Russell, Cornelius B. Erwin
Period of Production: 1851-1902
Products Manufactured: Limited Line

Russell & Erwin was primarily a manufacturer of padlocks, door locks and door hardware. It also sold kitchen items including food choppers and, notably, gem pans of the design originally patented by Nathaniel Waterman of Boston, Massachusetts.

R&E Timeline

1839 - Company originated when Russell, Erwin, and Frederick T. Stanley form a partnership to produce locks and builder's hardware, under the name of Stanley, Russell & Co.
1840 - Stanley withdraws from partnership, Smith Matteson and John H. Bowen added, changing the name to Matteson, Russell & Company.
1846 - Matteson dies, partnership terms expire, company's name changed to Russell & Erwin.
1851 - Partnership reorganized as joint stock company known as Russell & Erwin Manufacturing Co.
1866 - R&E is reissued USPO #23517 (USRE 2289) as assignees of N. Waterman's original 1859 patent.
1867 - A more-specifically worded patent reissue, USRE 2450, is granted to R&E.
1885 - Cornelius Erwin dies.
1902 - Company merges with P.& F. Corbin.

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