Lodge Manufacturing Co.

Location: South Pittsburg, Marion County, Tennessee
Founder: Joseph Lodge (1848-1931)
Period of Production: 1910-Present
Products Manufactured: Full Line
Brand Names: Chef's Choice, Plantation Ware, Maid Of Honor*, Axford

Earliest beginnings of Lodge came from the Blacklock Foundry, of which Joseph Lodge was a partner. A fire in 1910 destroyed the Blacklock, and the corporation was subsequently reorganized as Lodge Manufacturing Co. Lodge remains today as the only surviving major U.S. producer of cast iron cookware.

Lodge Timeline

1896 - Blacklock Foundry established in South Pittsburg, TN.
1910 - Blacklock destroyed by fire; rebuilt as Lodge Mfg. Co.
1931 - Death of founder Joseph Lodge.
1950 - Factory converted from hand-pour to automated molding process.

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