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Cast Iron Collecting

A Cast Iron Primer
Myths & Misconceptions

Notable U.S. Manufacturers

Birmingham Stove & Range Co.
Favorite Stove & Range Co.
Griswold Manufacturing Co.
Lodge Manufacturing Co.
Martin Stove & Range Co. (and King Stove & Range Co.)
Sidney Hollow Ware Co.
Vollrath Manufacturing Co.
Wagner Manufacturing Co.
Wapak Hollow Ware Co.

Alfred Andresen & Co.
American Brass & Iron Co. (AB&I)
Atlanta Stove Works
Belknap Hardware and Mfg. Co.
Birdsboro Casting Co.
Chicago Hardware Foundry
Columbus Hollow Ware Co.
Columbus Iron Works Co.
Crescent Foundry Co. (Ozark)
Dixie Foundry Co.
Excelsior Manufacturing Co. (G.F. Filley)
Keystone Food Chopper (Colebrookdale Iron/C.I. Co.)
W.J. Loth Stove Co. (Loth's)
Marion Stove Co.
Orr Painter & Co. (O.P. & Co.)
Renfrow Ware
Russell & Erwin Manufacturing Co. (R&E)
E.C. Simmons Hardware Co.
D.R. Sperry & Co.
Stover Manufacturing Co.
N. Waterman
Wrought Iron Range Co. (WIRCO)

Trademarks & Logos
Numbers & Letters
Economy Brands
Store Brands
Damage & Defects
Ghost Marks
Identifying Unmarked Iron
Non-Collectible Cast Iron
Iron Hunting
Buying Tips
Selling Tips

Cast Iron Restoration

Stripping & Cleaning
Cleaning With Lye
Cleaning With Electrolysis
Initial Seasoning

More Cast Metal Ware

Cast Iron Cookware Shapes
Gem & Muffin Pans
Waffle Irons
Camp Ovens
Combination Cookers
Cookware Toys
Hammered Finish Ware
Plated Finish Ware
Enameled Cast Iron Griswold "Iron Mountain"
Unusual Items
Vintage Advertising
Vintage Cast Aluminum Ware

Evolution Of:

Collector Resources
Aluminum Restoration
Glossary Of Terms
Patent Database
Foundry Database
Cast Iron Cookware News Re-Mastered
Sand Mold Casting
Cast Iron Finishing
Factory Automation
Informational Links
YouTube Videos
Amazon Shopping

Using Cast Iron Cookware

Cooking In Cast Iron
Skillet Recipes
Dutch Oven Recipes
Baking Recipes
Maintenance & Storage
Alternatives to Cast Iron

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