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Cast Iron Collecting

A Cast Iron Primer
Myths & Misconceptions

Notable U.S. Manufacturers

Birmingham Stove & Range Co.
Favorite Stove & Range Co.
Griswold Manufacturing Co.
Lodge Manufacturing Co.
Martin Stove & Range Co. (and King Stove & Range Co.)
Sidney Hollow Ware Co.
Vollrath Manufacturing Co.
Wagner Manufacturing Co.
Wapak Hollow Ware Co.

Alfred Andresen & Co.
Atlanta Stove Works
Chicago Hardware Foundry
Columbus Hollow Ware Co.
Columbus Iron Works Co.
Dixie Foundry Co.
Excelsior Manufacturing Co. (G.F. Filley)
Keystone Food Chopper (Colebrookdale Iron/C.I. Co.)
W.J. Loth Stove Co. (Loth's)
Marion Stove Co.
Orr Painter & Co. (O.P. & Co.)
Renfrow Ware
Russell & Erwin Manufacturing Co. (R&E)
E.C. Simmons Hardware Co.
D.R. Sperry & Co.
Stover Manufacturing Co.
N. Waterman
Wrought Iron Range Co. (WIRCO)

Trademarks & Logos
Numbers & Letters
Economy Brands
Store Brands
Damage & Defects
Ghost Marks
Identifying Unmarked Iron
Non-Collectible Cast Iron
Iron Hunting
Buying Tips
Selling Tips

Cast Iron Restoration

Stripping & Cleaning
Cleaning With Lye
Cleaning With Electrolysis
Initial Seasoning
Maintenance & Storage

More Cast Metal Ware

Gem & Muffin Pans
Waffle Irons
Camp Ovens
Cookware Toys
Hammered Finish Ware
Plated Finish Ware
Enameled Cast Iron Unusual Items
Vintage Advertising
Vintage Cast Aluminum Ware

Evolution Of:

Collector Resources
Aluminum Restoration
Glossary Of Terms
Patent Database
Foundry Database
Cast Iron Cookware News Re-Mastered
Sand Mold Casting
Cast Iron Finishing
Factory Automation
Informational Links
YouTube Videos
Amazon Shopping

Cooking With Cast Iron

Skillet Recipes
Dutch Oven Recipes
Baking Recipes

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