Keystone Food Chopper

Location: Boyertown, Berks County, Pennsylvania
Founders: Thomas Rutter, Thomas Potts
Period of Production:
Products Manufactured: Limited Line
Brand Names: Keystone Food Chopper

Primarily known for food grinders, vintage ca. 1920s-1940s. Hollow ware produced as sideline to promote grinders appears to be limited to a #5 skillet. Skillet is of smooth bottom design, which would correspond to timeframe of food grinders.

Food grinders are marked "C.I. Co. Boyertown PA", the C.I. appearing to stand for Colebrookdale Iron, a company originally engaged in the manufacture of sad irons and trivets, with history as far back as the early 1700s. Early 20th century advertising copy confirms this.

Colebrookdale Iron Co. Timeline

1716 - Thomas Rutter establishes an iron works he names Pool Forge in Berks County, PA. Recognized as the first in PA. Thomas Potts joins him as an associate.
1720 - Colebrookdale Furnace completed. Named in honor of the works at Shropshire, England.
1742 - John Potts, Thomas Potts' son, expands the area industry by building two new forges.
1752 - The younger Potts purchases 995 acres of land, building a home and a new iron forge upon it.
1761 - John Potts lays out a town around the forge, establishing what would become Pottstown, PA.
1792 - Samuel Potts and Thomas Rutter's grandson, also Thomas, establish Joanna Furnace.
1815 - Borough of Pottstown incorporated.
1835 - Colebrookdale Iron Co. formed.
1880 - Pottstown becomes known as "Boomtown USA". Area metal industry involved in significant projects including Panama Canal and, later, the Golden Gate Bridge.
1888 - Colebrookdale Iron Co. incorporated.

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