Wagner Manufacturing Co.

Location: Sidney, Shelby County, Ohio
Founders: Milton M. and Bernard P. Wagner
Period of Production: 1891-1959
Products Manufactured: Full Line
Brand Names: Wagner Ware, National, Long Life, Magnalite, Wardway, Ward's Cast Iron

Wagner Timeline

1891 - Wagner brothers establish the Wagner Manufacturing Co. R.O. Bingham, previously of the Marion Stove Works and the Sidney Manufacturing Co. joins as superintendent.¹
1892 - Nickel-plated ware added.
1894 - Cast aluminum ware added.
1897 - William H. Wagner joins his brothers, and is charged with running recently-acquired competitor Sidney Hollow Ware.
1903 - Sidney Hollow Ware foundry sold back to original owner Phillip Smith, who apparently does not resume making hollow ware.
1913 - Wagner products distribution extends worldwide.
1934 - Magnalite brand cast aluminum ware introduced.
1946-1953 - Heirs of the original Wagner brothers gradually divest, and the firm is sold to the Randall Company of Cincinnati, OH in late 1952.
1957 - Wagner division of Randall purchases Griswold Manufacturing from McGraw Edison.
1959 - Textron, Inc. acquires Randall, including rights to Wagner and Griswold.
1969 - Textron sells lines including Wagner and Griswold to General Housewares Corp.
1996 - GHC sells Wagner and Griswold rights to Slyman Group, who allows the Wagner plant to fall into receivership.
2000 - Bank sells Wagner factory, and Wagner and Griswold trademark rights to American Culinary Corp. of Willoughby, OH.

¹1891 - The Sidney Journal, Feb. 20, 1891 reported the new Wagner venture was to be called the "Sidney Manufacturing Co.", contrary to most information calling the new company the Wagner Mfg. Co.

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