Unusual Items

Girswold TM.You can collect vintage cast iron for quite a long time, and think you've seen most everything there is to see. But there are certain pieces which pop up from time to time that make you go "hmmm..."

Here are some unusual items you may or may not have seen before. Hover for a description; click for a photo or slideshow.

Birmingham Stove & Range Co.

 BSR Unusual Heat Ring

Favorite Stove & Range Co.

 Favorite Stylized Logo, No Piqua, No Smiley
 Favorite Miami Dual Logo Inverted
 Favorite Miami Dual Logo Miami Ghost
 Favorite Stylized Logo, No Smiley

Griswold Manufacturing Co

 2nd Series Erie Skillet, No Quotes
 Griswold Tite Top Baster Slant EPU With Slant Patent
 Good Health Skillet Nickel Plated
 Griswold Square Egg Skillet Misspelled
 Griswold #273 Corn Stick Pan Hammered Finish
 Griswold #10 Muffin Pan Hammered Finish
 Griswold Aluminum Toy Skillet A-20
 Griswold Slant Erie Dutch Oven Lid Misspelled
 Victor Fully Marked Skillet #7 Inverted Size Number
 Griswold Slant EPU Smooth Bottom Skillet
 Griswold Slant EPU Unusual Trademark
 Griswold Aluminum Handled Griddle Misspelled
 Griswold Slant Erie Deep Skillet Outside Heat Ring
 Griswold Medium Slant Erie Skillet
 Griswold Slant No Erie Skillet
 Griswold Tite Top "Dutoh" Oven
 Erie Wood Handle Skillet, Erie Aluminum Ghost

Martin Stove & Range Co.

 Monday Morning Skillet

Wagner Manufacturing Co.

 Wagner National Misspelled Natonal
 Wagner Mfg. Co. Toy Waffle Iron 1892 Patent Date
 Wagner-made Griswold #262 Corn Or Wheat Stick Pan
 Sidney Smooth Bottom Skillet
 Wagner Ware Sidney -O- #2 Skillet with c/n
 Wagner Ware Sidney -O- #2 Pie Logo Skillet
 Wagner Made Griswold No Cross Logo
 Wagner #14 Skillet Inset Heat Ring With Size Number
 Wagner National Smooth Bottom Skillet


 Favorite C&C Skillet