N. Waterman Co.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Founders: Nathaniel Waterman (-)
Period of Production: 1859-
Products Manufactured: Limited Line

Nathaniel Waterman was first to patent what he called an "egg pan" and "cake baker", which was a piece molded with multiple cups with cut-outs between them to allow even heat circulation around each. R&E Manufacturing of New Britain, CT is later shown by the U.S. Patent Office to be assignees of Nathaniel Waterman and holders of the patent. It is likely that pans marked N. Waterman, Boston were actually produced for Waterman by R&E, who also marketed the pans inscribed with their own name and the Waterman patent date. The pans were produced in a variety of shapes, each given a unique number.

Waterman Timeline

1859 - Nathaniel Waterman, a Boston merchant, patents egg pan (USPO #23517).
1866 - R&E Manufacturing is reissued USRE #2289 as assignees of N. Waterman's original 1859 patent.
1867 - A more-specifically worded patent, USRE #2450, is reissued to R&E.

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