W.J. Loth Stove Co.

Location: Waynesboro, VA
Founder: F. Percy Loth (1871-1938), William J. Loth (1844-1904)
Period of Production: 1890-
Products Manufactured: full Line

Loth hollow ware pieces appear to have been cast from patterns made from altered Griswold pans, their raised letter lids from altered Iron Mountain covers.

W.J. Loth Stove Co. Timeline

1890 - Company founded.
1890s - Hollow ware added.
1904 - F.P. Loth buys out his father's interest in company.
1928 - Electric stove design "Hotpoint" developed.
1930 - Company sold to Virginia Public Service Company, operated by General Electric.
1932 - GE sells foundry back to Loth Stove employees.
1938 - Company begins marketing products made of brass and non-ferrous metals under the name Viginia Metalcrafters.

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