Birmingham Stove & Range Co.

Location: Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama
Founder: Sam D. Jones
Period of Production: 1902-1989
Products Manufactured: Full Line
Brand Names: Red Mountain, Century, Pioneer, Lady Bess

Birmingham Stove & Range Co. Timeline

1898 - Jones family acquires controlling interest in Atlanta Stove Works.
1902 - Birmingham Stove & Range Co. established to produce hollow ware and stoves for ASW and itself.
1916 - Land acquired and construction commenced to replace building previously lost to fire.
1930s-40s - Red Mountain series of cookware produced.
1950s - Automated molding begun.
1954 - Century series inception, replaces Red Mountain branding.
1957 - Atlanta foundry closed. BSR continues to produce products under both the ASW and BSR names.
1966 - High-volume DISA automated molding machines installed.
1989 - BSR foundry closes, DISA machines sold to another company who continues to produce cookware for BSR.
1991 - Lodge also produces some products including Sportman Grill for BSR.
1993 - Company files bankruptcy, relinquishes patterns to Lodge to satisfy debt.

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