Vollrath Manufacturing Co.

Location: Sheboygan, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin
Founder: Jacob J. Vollrath (1824-1898)
Period of Production: 1884-1960s
Products Manufactured: Full Line

Vollrath Timeline

1844 - Jacob Vollrath completes iron molder's apprenticeship in Germany, emigrates to USA.
1853 - Vollrath's family moves to Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Sheboygan Cast Steel Co. established.
1876 - Vollrath and son perfect cast iron enameling process.
1884 - Company renamed Jacob J. Vollrath Manufacturing Co.
1906 - Jacob Vollrath's widow dies, company is divided among his heirs.
1912 - Name changed to Vollrath Company.
1940s - Manufacturing capacity diverted to wartime production.
1950s - Enamel ware discontinued.
1960s - Cast iron production ceased.

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