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Cast Iron Cleaning and Seasoning Help With and Tips & Techniques For Cast Iron Cookware Restoration

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Old 12-22-2019, 02:04 PM
Tom G Tom G is offline
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Default Help Reseasoning

Aloha all!

I am an emerging cast iron enthusiast. After stripping and reseasoning an old skillet we had on the shelf, I've lost my mind. I bought a griddle and a large deep skillet, both from Lodge. Then, I started going to secondhand stores. I found a few pieces that I liked and set out to recover them as well.

I used my oven's self-cleaning cycle to strip them, as I'd had good luck with that the first time around. They all came out covered in rust. I applied elbow grease and scouring pads, plus some soap and hot water, and got them down to base metal, one at a time. After cleaning, I dried each thoroughly, and put it in a warm oven while I started scrubbing the next piece. My thinking was that the heat would make sure to keep the iron from rusting, plus the piece would be warm for its oil rub, the next step.

They each flash rusted in the time it took to scrub the next piece.

What the heck? They were as dry as a clean towel could accomplish, and put straight into a warm oven. Why did they rust?

I went ahead and gave them an oil rub and baked them, just to see what would happen. I mean, worst case, I have to start over, right? After one round, they are starting to look like cast iron should look, but there is definitely a hint of rust in the overall color.

I've read lots of info about stripping and reseasoning, but nowhere has anyone talked about this particular happening. Should I just go ahead, do a second pass of seasoning, and ignore it? Or should I start over, re-strip them, and modify my process?

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Old 12-22-2019, 02:23 PM
Doug D. Doug D. is offline
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Default Re: Help Reseasoning

Everything you describe is quite common. The bronze color is typically just the fact that manual seasoning often lacks the carbonization resulting from long term use.

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Old 12-22-2019, 03:43 PM
Tom G Tom G is offline
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Default Re: Help Reseasoning

Glad to hear it! I didn't really want to start all over again!
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