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Default Re: Magnalite Cast Aluminum

Originally Posted by Doug D. View Post
It seems there are only two letters following Magnalite roaster p/ns, M and P. Doesn't seem to be any difference in the pans.

There has for quite some time now (years) been this re: restoring cast aluminum:
Was just wondering if Magnalite manufactured their Oval Roaster (4265P) that wasn't marked on the bottom as we traditionally see? I have looked thru my books and can not find any reference that did so. Was thinking that they perhaps used paper stickers on pieces they made for outlet stores but it's only a guess. Also the trivet doesn't look like the ones one would see for this roaster. Attached are several pics of the piece I have FYI, Couldn't help but adding a pic of Griswold's Triplicate Sauce Pan I picked up over the weekend. Need the other two pieces and the handle to complete the set. Sure I will be looking for quiet sometime for those pieces.

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