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Default Re: Magnalite Cast Aluminum

Originally Posted by JMoss View Post
Very timely post Michael. I spent the morning cleaning and polishing three Magnalite pots and lids I recently acquired. Mine were stained and weathered on the exterior and all I wanted to do was make them look a little better. They will become everyday users. I was flying blind when it came to cleaning them and used methods what would make a collector cringe.

Can you give us a quick overview of how you cleaned your pots?

Also, my 1 1/2 Qt pan has a capital P after the part number. Does this mean the pan is from their "Professional" line?

Actually you can follow Doug's information here on CIC for the steps in cleaning and polishing the Aluminum pieces. Sometimes I short-cut some of the steps as prescribed and use 0000 steel wool along with bar keepers friend if the surface just has minor scratches and cooking stains and then use the different grids of wet/dry sand paper prior to final polishing. Another variation I use is the "AUTOSOL" metal polish which I find puts a brilliant shine on them instead of the Mag Wheel polish.
As far as the modifier following the P/N I really have no proof as to what it means. I know on the Magnalite Chef's Skillet it has a "C" after the P/N which I thought stands for "Chef". Could be that the P simply stands for pan. Doug D might have better info regarding the letters.
I've also found that "chink marks" that are usually found on the insides of the aluminum cookware are almost impossible to remove. Depending on how desperate one is to remove them you can use a wire brush with an electric drill but it leaves a very rough surface which requires a lot of sanding steps so it's kind of counter-productive in a way.
Well. Thanks for the comments and if you have any lids for a Magnalite 4569P deep skillet just box them up and send my way. Or better yet....just get in the car and head it West to Arizona lol.
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