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Ive heard this from many people. Ive never used the self clean feature on any of my ovens in my life because of it

Originally Posted by Mark H View Post
Careful on the heat that a self cleaning oven will generate. It's high and heated too quickly or cooled too quickly can result in a problem.

Also. My oven has seen the repair man three times to replace the "mother board". It runs on the expensive side to say the least. I asked my company why and he said because of the self cleaning feature which gets north of 750. The high heat gets to the wiring and therefore new mother board time. He said he recommends not to use self cleaning in any oven because of this problem.

Gone back to spray for oven cleaning and all good for several years.

You are turning the pan upside down after the wipe down with a cloth towel and returning to oven per this sites info?
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