Glass DO Lid Original?


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Curious if anyone has seen this glass cover before. It’s on my grandmother’s Wagner 1268 No8 5qt Drip Drop Roaster. She was born in ‘30 so I suspect this was most likely my great grandmothers before it was hers given the depression era and that she grew up on a working farm. Not sure though it looks like that DO could date from 20’s-40’s based on the BB/RB. There’s a couple pics online of the same cover but on other mfrs pieces. Not in my possession yet otherwise I’d have better pics. This one shows the profile well though. We are from upstate NY so I wouldn’t be surprised if this cover was possibly a misfit addition from Corning that was added over the years.


Doug D.

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Newspaper clipping, actually. I'm guessing it may have been a way to produce more sellable units during wartime, when metals were being diverted to the war effort.


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That’s a great clipping Doug TY. Good point on potential iron savings during wartime. It’d be interesting to know if some or many of the foundries were retooled during that era to aid in the war effort like many of the auto manufacturers did.
When I saw it the first thing I thought was Pyrex. I have an older electric Coffee Percolator that the glass into the lid is large like the center of your lid. First time I’ve seen one of these. Nice