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I have a question for the brain trust here. Here is what I have. 3 number 3s unmarked. I am a sucker for 3s if they are cheap. 3 bucks each is cheap. Doing what research I could on my own on this world wide web did not get me too far. Other than the size they are made llke my Favorite smiley Piqua I have in a 5,7 and two 8s. I know Chicago Hardware Foundry bought the favorite stove and range patterns. Here are the pictures I took of the three restored. The only marks I find are on the bottom side of the handle A stamped 6 or 9 depending on how you look at it and a smaller number off set which is hard to read.
Can I get a positive ID or is this just another guess work skillet mystery?


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Although the expectation is that an unmarked Vollrath would have a sideways-oriented size number on the bottom, the consensus is that these are Vollrath.
Thanks Doug,
I wondered that also. I am still a bit skeptical on that though. The handle does not have the same spine as the Vollrath and the heat ring is totally different. Straight heat ring edge on the Vollrath. My Piqua's I currently own have a rounded heat ring as do the three threes in question and the same handle spine. This is what puzzled me and still does?.
I'm not aware of any Favorite #3 skillets that have other than a wide fully-rolled edge for a heat ring or that have an elongated distinct handle reinforcement rib, although there are a few that appear to be quite likely copied from Wagner #3 smooth bottoms. Those pictured have no characteristics of Favorite #3s.
I only have one other favorite 3 without the smile. It does have the handle similar to a wagner. There is a heat ring of sorts but not flat like the wagner. I have not seen any other 3 piqua with the handle like my other four piqua skillets have. My 3 is just like the one pictured in the blue book with out the smile. I guess I was just assuming they made the 3 like the 5, 7 and two 8s I have. So there is no Favorite 3 at all with the ribbed handle just with the wagner type handle? Interesting.
Checking all this handle stuff out I found another thing. Left to right handles on my piqua smilies. 5 7 and 8. The 7 has a rounded termination on the rib. 5 and 8 are the same.
Learning as I go.
Thanks Doug


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Favorite #3s are the odd bird in the line. Try a Google image or eBay search for them and you'll see the difference. Although your 5,7,8 Favorites have long, distinct handle ridges, the Vollraths are comparatively longer, reaching (nearly) all the way to the handle hole.
Kinda looks like Wagner, kinda......on another note, Wapak #3s are the only skillets they made without a heat ring. I have no clue why tho.....and ive never seen a #3 Wapak without the tapered logo.