Does anyone collect gas hot plates?


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Last week I picked up a gas hot plate for camping. Now I’m hooked and they have been popping up everywhere I go.
I now have 3 two burners and 3 three burners in a week. Finding groups and information or research for these are rough though. Scoured Facebook groups. Very limited to say the least. Any ideas anyone?
Got one restored. The rest are in my Lye tanks and electrolysis tanks. 240F49B9-029A-4C77-90D4-0E758DF9BB9D.jpeg9080032B-B317-4826-AB07-EB20FAAB693C.jpeg94F772D3-4D13-4019-8371-AB0BB9E63340.jpeg5BE982F6-6082-4E7F-8D5B-042682FB7679.jpeg8C05C683-F831-4687-88E5-B51B169FF4EE.jpeg
I personally dont collect them, but Im glad others on here do and they share their pics. I think its a good idea to collect these, as you can use, or sell them, once restored.