CI Displayed In Your Kitchen? Got a Pic?


I don't have much, but what I've got - works ! I put this hanger board, up in my pantry, last week. Unfortunately, my old DO still resides under the counter. Maybe I can do better one day..:icon_thumbsup:

IMG_0592.jpg IMG_0591.jpg IMG_0566.jpg

Steven C

Nick looks great so far,
if you start adding a few more you'll start looking at tha available space you have and redesign something totally different. I've got one I'm redoing now.

Lloyd B

I have mine split into three groups right now. Two displays with some finished, others waiting for room in the lye bath and a 20 gallon tub full! I was tired of stacking up the waiting pieces and decided to hang them on display until I can rotate them out!




This is not really for display. I was just trying to figure out how best to make my CI available for use. These shelves once housed my cookbooks which I rarely used! So. . . I decided to use it for CI.

I'll probably add one or two more shelves on the bottom space because I don't like stacking. It makes the CI difficult to get to, although I do need the exercise.:roll:

I think that's everything except my 2 #3's on my pot rack that I use to fry eggs and 3 waffle Irons on my wood heater.

I got a move on today and made the rack for my skillets.



Lloyd B & GCrawford.......those are beautiful displays. I don't have any intentions of creating a collection to match those, but I just wanted my few pieces to look good, and be accessible. I'm working on my last skillet now. It's going to be a beauty, but just a bit more work. :bow:

Steven C

Gcrawford that looks like a easy to access set up you have going. Plus it has the visual appeal that catches your eye when you come into the room, And not even if you're a CI person.


GCrawford, I really like you skillet set-up. Easy access for cooking and compact at the same time--great idea!

Steven C

Just to add the last one I finished that I finally found the hooks for. Not quite the same as the first three hooks I had years ago for something else but close.


Todd A

What company made the hooks, what is the part number, are they brass? I need to start hanging some of my pans and I really like how these hooks look. They look like they can hold a lot of weight!

Steven C

The hooks I found were made by Ives but not exactly the same as the few I bought many years ago for a different project. These were as close as I could find and keep them small. They fit the Griswold just fine but not the smaller BSR and Wagner. I had to take some off the nipple end of a few of them and then sand smooth with a few different grits of sandpaper. No big deal just took a little extra time

I wish I could of found the exact smaller one, but it was so long ago I may be discontinued and I found them I think from a mom & pop hardware store that's no longer around to go and check.
I found these on eBay for .89 cents apiece. He had them in brass also that would of sanded fine but only a few left.

The old ones are on the left


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Here is some of my Cast Iron hanging around. I keep the ones that mean the most to me on hooks on the wall. and others on a wire rack that is about to over flow.


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