Batting 1000


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Early in February, I had picked up a vintage Lodge dutch and did a full strip and re-season. I've done bacon, a roast, ribs, eggs over hard, scrambled eggs, and last night, finally a whole chicken. No exaggeration, these meals were some of the best we have ever done at home. I don't know how we ever got by without a dutch oven before! The bonus, is that it's a cool vintage one. :)

Thanks for your help here folks. I don't consider myself a collector, just an enthusiast - that is until I get my next CI piece. :)

It cooks faster than our slow cooker, and is juicier with better flavor.
Someone on here suggested cooking burgers in a DO, to help with grease splashing everywhere. It really helps the seasoning too.....I use my DOs all the time too now. Just never really thought about cooking food like that in a DO.