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This is occurring with a Griswold DO that I'm trying to season, as well. I washed it 3 or 4 times (in cold water) after cleaning with lye, quickly dried off with a clean rag, popped it into a 200 degree oven and got a ton of flash rust. I did the initial seasoning layer and it never really was wiping clean of the rusty film. I did a second one and while it's getting better, there's still residue. Do I need to start over, or are some pieces just stubborn and require multiple layers? I worry that I'm imbedding rust into the seasoning (is that even possible)?

I just stripped and seasoned a no 7 Griswold skillet and while it also flash rusted in the oven, it all came off on the first seasoning pass and came out a beautiful, uniform black color. Not sure why they were so different...
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