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Default Re: Help with a Martin Griddle Please

Hi Bonnie, I did not notice the backward S as mentioned. Anxious to clean and sanitize. Bonnie may I comment and also ask this.....

I admit I am addicted to collecting cast iron cookware, regardless if I already have several of the same. I usually buy them anyway, mainly because I love to bring life and use-ability back into CI. I have an interest in unusual pieces as most folks do. There are pieces I will never use and only bought them to give them love.

During my research I also believe the prices online are ridiculously high, especially when you can pick them up for literally 1/2 pennies on the dollar. I am interested in re-homing some of my collection; how would you suggest I price that makes buyer and seller happy. Every piece I acquire is completely cleaned of rust and carbon build-up, sanitized and seasoned 5 times. Literally a new piece.

Have a great day and thanks for your insight...
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