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    Large Griddle(?) ID

    Hi there, This is my first time posting, but I was hoping someone could tell me something about this piece. I pulled it out of my grandmothers wood burning stove, but I'm not really sure how old it is. It's 14" in diameter and is branded Wagner Ware Sydney -0- at the top and 14A at the bottom...
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    14 inch Griddle ID

    I found this 14" bailed round Griddle on Ebay and checked the Blue and Red books but still have no definative conclusion on maker and time period. I has "SIDNEY" on the back along with the 14 size marking. My guess would be an early Wagner or Sidney Hollow Ware but nothing I find in the books...
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    Good Deal or Pass?

    I came across these 3 finds today, the gentlemen who owns the FleaMarket said he would sell them to me for $30/piece. They all sit flat and don't have any pitting Just some minor rust. Whats your thoughts? Good deal or pass?
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    The Gatemarked Pizza Pan

    A little show and tell for everyone. This badly corroded on the outside, roughly cast on the inside beauty performed it's first task beautifully. It's a little warped, and deeply pitted all over the bottom, side, and handle, I presume from sulfur? I love how much character it has and I'd imagine...
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    Help with a Martin Griddle Please

    I was very lucky to purchase a Martin #10 griddle at a local flea market, however I am unable to locate any information on this particular piece. I am able to find the Martin #9. Does anyone out there have any information they can share with me? I also have a very heavy 15 5/8 CI skillet...
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    #10 griddle with gate mark and "upside down" handle ID

    I just returned from the flea market where I picked up an unmarked round 10" (located at the base of the handle on the back) griddle with a gate mark and heat ring in v good condition. It has a weird handle - it almost looks like it was put on upside down. There is a groove that runs through it...
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    BSR Griddle

    I found this unmarked griddle today at a local antique shop. I don't really think it's an amazing find, and I probably paid more than I should have, but it appeared to have a remnant of the original label (suggesting it had never been used)... and that made me want to take it home. I felt the...