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I use an electrolysis tank, so my experience with vinegar and water is limited. If you haven't done so, suggest reviewing what Doug has provided.

Are you completely submerging the piece in the vinegar/water? If not, it will flash oxidize before you finish. Also, keep it submerged in water or continually rinse it in cold water as you wash it with soap.

I typically wash a piece 3 or 4 times after it comes out of the etank and wipe with paper towels after each wash. Usually the paper towels are covered with black "rust" and by the 3 or 4 washing the black is greatly reduced and then I procede to put the piece in the 200 degree oven as Doug specifies.

Never had flash oxidation like that in your picture.

Also, suggest using cold water. Somewhere in the information provided by Doug, he mentions oxidation seems to be slower with cold water.

Another option is the product Evaporust. It works, but I think it is expensive. May be useful on a piece with "nooks and crannies". For a pure vanilla DO, shouldn't be necessary (in my opinion).

Hope this helps.
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