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Default Re: Question: Setting Up Electrolysis Tank

I got a 20 gallon Rubbermaid Roughneck for mine and while in the hardware store got 1 foot of 5 gauge ground wire for 99 cents. They also had a manual charger for 39.95. I filled the can up near the top and added about 2 cups of washing soda. Used an old piece of broomstick and cut the copper wire into 2 pieces. Wrapped it around the broomstick, making a hook in each end. Had to readjust the wrap on the broomstick to get the hook just under the surface of the water. When you hang a piece of CI on one of the hooks, take a nail and rub the handle loop really well so it will make good contact. I left the top of the wire sticking straight up above the broomstick to attach the clamps to. I run my charger at 12 v--2amps. Works fine for me.
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