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Old 05-27-2019, 02:04 PM
Rodney Walker Rodney Walker is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Location: Centralia, WA, USA
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Default Finally, Some Cast Iron

Good news is I found some good cast iron this weekend. The bad news is when I took the camera out for some pictures the batteries were dead. I'll post some pictures as soon as I get some new batteries.

I sort of thought I had decided on Wagner Ware Sidney -O- flat bottomed pans due to them being easily available and relatively inexpensive. The only piece I saw like that was at an antique store. A #6 skillet for $40 that spins like a top.
Anyway, the finds.
At a local thrift store I found a Wagner Ware Krusty Korn junior. I paid $15 for it but then there wasn't any shipping charges so I'm happy.
There's a local junk/antique/etc store that has a lot of fun guy stuff. Inside there were a few cleaner, more modern pans that I wasn't terribly interested in and one gate marked bread roll pan. That piece was tempting.
Outside there was a big unorganized stack of incredibly rusty pans.
I ended up rescuing a Lodge 4 in 1 set, a #9 Lodge arc logo skillet and an Erie #8 skillet. The lodges seem to sit flat, the Erie sits flat but there's a visible bow in the middle.
No bargains in the shape they're in ($75 for the lot) but I think they'll be good users, which is what I'm after. I also found a paddle and a bail handled low base for (I think) a Wagner waffle iron. I wanted it but couldn't find the other paddle.
Right now the #9 Lodge is getting a bath in the E-tank.
I*'m excited to get them cleaned up and start cooking in them.
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Old 05-27-2019, 09:03 PM
D_Madden D_Madden is offline
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Default Re: Finally, Some Cast Iron

I'd say they were bargains... arc lodge and erie are usually close to $75 each... and if the 4 in 1 is hammered those usually sell close to $100.
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Old 05-27-2019, 11:22 PM
Rodney Walker Rodney Walker is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Location: Centralia, WA, USA
Posts: 61
Default Re: Finally, Some Cast Iron

Thanks. The Lodge is getting it's first coat of seasoning now. Etank and a lot of elbow grease getting it clean. It had a lot of caked on carbon that I pretty much chiseled off with a pointy stick. It might have helped protect the pan so it's not all bad.
There's some pretty minor pitting on the cook surface but it's going to be a great pan. I probably should have let the tank do more of the work but I can be a little impatient. Kind of like a kid at Christmas.

I'll probably wait on the other pieces until I can get some batteries. I also want to get some lye. I have a couple pieces that are going to need it.

The 4 in 1 doesn't look like a hammered piece but it does have the same star and 4 in 1 cross logo and handles as the hammered ones.
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Old 05-28-2019, 04:45 PM
Rodney Walker Rodney Walker is offline
Join Date: Apr 2019
Location: Centralia, WA, USA
Posts: 61
Default Re: Finally, Some Cast Iron Now w/ Pictures

I finally picked up some batteries.
First up is the Lodge 4 in 1.
Next is the Erie #8. You can't see the Erie in the picture (at least I can't)but it's there.
Last is the Lodge #9. I E-tanked it and put 1 coat of seasoning on last night. I can see a little rust here and there and am wondering if it needs another round in the tank.
The Lodge was in about the same rusty, ugly condition as the others and actually cleaned up pretty well.
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