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Default Re: Grill Cheese Help !

Originally Posted by KevinE View Post
I'm confused. Back in post #9 (that you made) you state that you know how to make grilled cheese sandwiches and that you've "made a million" and now you're asking questions on how to make them. Making them in cast iron is no different than making them in any non stick skillet: medium low heat and cheese that will melt like gruyere, manchego, cheddar, American, Swiss, Monterey Jack, colby, etc.
Well Kevin, maybe I should clarify, as I surely didn't mean to confuse anyone. Yes, I've made a million grill cheese sandwiches (but don't hold me to that precise number), however, they were not made in a cast iron skillet, nor were they made in any other kind of skillet (non-stick or otherwise). And yes, there are other ways to make a "so called", grilled cheese sandwich, other than in a skillet. I'm just trying to figure out the heat thing, because I seem to keep burning the bread. Sorry for asking.
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