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Originally Posted by Doug D. View Post
Let's remember that forum threads aren't necessarily real-time conversations, and (most) people aren't sitting in front of the computer pressing refresh. If an answer to a question is not forthcoming in a reasonable amount of time the first time it's asked, consider a PM as the next step.

It appears, however, the question was answered here: 6/2 = volts/amps.
Sorry, just trying to help him figure out why only 2 amps. I did see the comment, "It has a 6/2 and a 12/6 setting", but still not clear what he is actually using. I thought by 12/6, he meant either 12 volt or 6 volt. I assumed surely he was using the 12 volt setting. Not sure why you would use 6V. That's why I was asking what charger he was using, etc, etc....will try a PM as suggested......thanks
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