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Default I have a guess(unmarked pieces)

So in my intro I said i had a pan i think I have identified but not having a whole lot of experience in such things I'm here to get some more opinions from people who know. I think this is an unmarked Wagner by type of print.

Image Image Image

unsure if those links for photos worked cause I cant use a forum to save my life so this ( is the album on imgur of the pan i made, couple of full size and a few close ups of the parts with markings.

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As the title said there are pieces not just one so here is the 2nd pan I haven't a clue about. It almost has no marks other than what looks to be a size number(9). There is no heat ring that sticks out but there is a lip that goes into the piece from the bottom that gives it a raised enough edge on top to keep the oil in the pan Just leaving the link to the album cause I don't want to fiddle with putting the photos into a post again. lol here (

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