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Default Re: Some Pieces I Got at the Dinkys Cast Iron Auction

yeah, they have been having 'cast iron only' auctions twice a year lately... with a nice mixture of really high end rare pieces.. and then some pieces that go for reasonable prices... there is a 20% 'fee' for online buyers so it really pays to be there in person... but even with the 20% fee and shipping costs.. .there were a lot of items that were sold to online bidders. Also, they had about 120 pieces that they considered 'users' that they sold friday night at their normal friday night auction, I got the chrome favorite piqua 6 then.. and the ozark dutch oven.
I found out they will be having another auction in november, they bought some guys entire collection and will be selling friday during the day (from like 9 - 6).. then they will have their usual friday night auction and sell some there and then all day saturday...again, 9 til whenever.
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