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Default Re: Power Source for E-Tank

Hi Ty L.,

Funny you say this as I was looking at them today. What I do not like about them is the fact that they are set at one amp setting. I like to push my amps up to 30 in the winter for the extra heat to keep the ice at bay, and normally run at 12 V 10AMP. At this point I am leaning towards the VolteQ HY 1530EX. Just have to build it a home as I posted earlier.

I am ordering new diodes for my dead work horse charger.

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Originally Posted by ShawnE View Post

I use a Voltec HY1520EX bench power supply. It is capable of 15V and 20A. Either constant voltage or constant current.


If you do not mind. How long have you had yours, and also how long do you have it running?

My eTank needs to run 24 /7, one to stay warm two to keep up with my load. I am thinking it should run 2 eTanks.
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