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Default Re: Erie #7 Shallow Skillet

Originally Posted by WallyF View Post

Nice find. The cooking surface looks really good. I don't recall coming across one of those handles. Had to be exciting, especially when the seller didn't know what it was.
I've seen the three hole handles before... seems like griswold made some, wagner made some and wapak (probably a copy of either griswold or wanger), maybe a favorite... and I know they aren't very common.. .and I saw a #10 shallow skillet marked erie with no pattern number sell at the last dinky's auction for $1600...(it was almost perfect top and bottom.. .but the rare part was that it was a #10 shallow skillet).. so I was ok paying the $30... given that the cooking surface wasn't too gunked up and I could see it would be nice... the bottom was mostly covered and I thought there might be some pitting... but I don't really mind on erie's of this age. it was used and used often.
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