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Default Lamb Shoulder Chop with Roasted Parsnip, Turnip...

Used ol' wobbly spinner Griswold 9 (chops) and Lodge 10 (root vegs).

Applied marinade as pictured (4 hrs.). Seared the chops (med. high ...3 min. each side) then moved to oven (convection roast at 400 degrees) x 10 min. . Bride requested "no red/pink" so pulled at internal 180 degree (well). Also , simultaneously roasted some skilleted parsnip and turnip . The mashed potato are small reds with skin left on... served with chilled Cabernet. Prep time 30 min. / cook time 40 min. total .

What I'd do different...

- the "sear" was too smoke filled..... probably will do at a lower temp next time. Fans did little to disperse... I was coughing.
-at the last minute I thought I'd throw some store bought "Greek" seasoning on the Parsnip/Turnips.... way too salty. Will make our own next time... salt free - cubed the Parsnip/Turnips too small ....will leave them larger next time.
-in roasting the root veggies.... oil is your friend.... I should probably use more than I poured.
-convection roasting is so efficient, I'll lower the temp. 25 degrees next time.
-the Lamb chops ran about $6.25/chop... probably will wait to find them on sale next time.

The Lamb was tender, moist, and, not overwhelmingly "Lamb" tasting. Bride approved.

*** the wobbly spinner Griswold was an easy clean up .... just wipe out.

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