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Default Patty Shells

From the pamphlet included with my Griswold irons.

2 eggs
1t. sugar
1/4t. salt
1C. milk
1C. flour

Above amount will make about 40 patties.

Beat eggs slightly. Add sugar, salt, and milk. Stir in flour gradually and beat until smooth.

Screw handle into mold. Dip iron into hot lard or oil, then into batter, not allowing batter to come over top of the iron. Fry for at least 20 seconds but not more than 35 seconds. Remove from iron with a clean piece of cheesecloth, and allow to cool before serving.


Should the batter fail to adhere to the mold, the iron is probably overheated.

If the patties blister undoubtedly the eggs are beaten too much.

To insure crisp patties they should be fried somewhat moderately.

Patties sufficiently fried will come from the irons freely.
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