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Originally Posted by SJLuzum View Post
Iíve had this sitting in a lye tank for 10 days or so. Every 2-3 days I pull it out and scrub it by hand with a wire brush. Not much improvement each time.

Just keep letting it soak in lye?

SJ, Being in St. Paul, Min. is probably some of the problem (not that you can up and move to clean your CI) but cold temp's reduce the effectiveness of the lye solution. Since it appears that you have a carbon issue more than grime build-up it's almost impossible to remove everything from the pores of the CI. I have tried several things and a couple have worked better than others. Scraping with sharp objects is a no-no but if you're real careful you can take a straight blade razor and remove a lot of the carbon without scratching the pans surface. Once you've done that try re-soaking again in the lye to see if any additional residue comes off. I have also used a paste made from Hydrogen Peroxide and baking soda to aid in removing small areas of stubborn stains. When I have an old warped or cracked pan I experiment with them to see what does and doesn't work before trying it on a vintage valuable pan. A strong solution of Dawn dish detergent and water over the burner on medium heat will also loosen carbon somewhat so that the wire brush and or steel wool will work better.
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