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Default Re: Could Have,would Have,should Have

Originally Posted by MDFraley View Post
The lady that had it up for sale was asking $1000 for all of it but he said there was another person trying to buy it so I'm not sure what he paid. Apparently she just wanted to sell it all because her husband passed away and it was his collection. There were several boxes that had the WW marked glass lids made by Pyrex and two others that were CI skillet and DO lids. Think it was worth more than $1000 from what I could see.
Keep 100 pieces, sell remainder at $10 each. 100 pieces for FREE!

At $5 a piece, it was worth it. You could have kept what you wanted and sold the rest for $5-10 each easily, granted that their weren't many that had cracks or rocked badly.
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