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Default Favorite Smiley Handles

So I have kinda started leaning towards gathering favorite smileys, I love the pans, light and smooth, and I like the logo. The other day I got a smiley 7 on eBay, great shape perfectly flat for $19. Just received it in the mail and was comparing it to my others but the handle is different, it has a reinforcing pad on the pan below the handle and where the rib terminated on the underside of the handle before it gets to the hanging hole there is a slight bulge that my others don’t have, has anyone seen this style before? I assume it would be a later more improved version? And also if I’m trying to put together a smiley set, even though the handles are different but both logos the same would you consider this part of the “set” or would it be like small logo Griswolds and there’s 3 sets within the same logo due to handle differences
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