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Default Re: One Month Ago...

(multi-part post due to image restrictions)


A BSR #3 Skillet. Four dollars at a flea market. Easy clean up, all though there's a 'shiny' area in the center of the cooking surface. Around the edges of the cooking surface things are a bit more pitted. It looks like a well worn piece of shiny leather in the center, it's that kind of wear. Kind of odd, I'm not sure if it just needs more cleaning or if it's just the way the pan is now. Likely will find it a new home.

A three-notch Lodge #5 Skillet. Four dollars at a flea market. Looks very nice. I do notice that the two Lodges I have both seem to have a circular graininess to them on the cooking surface. Almost like a spiral, woodgrain-ish pattern. Maybe it's how Lodge did the final polishing? I don't have any others to compare to (yet). Likely will find it a new home.

A Wagner Pie-Logo #3 Skillet. Seven dollars at a flea market. It's a beauty. Perfect cooking surface, very nice condition overall. It's a neat little pan! Keeper!

And if that's not enough, I picked up two more pans just in the last couple of days.

A three-notch Lodge #3 Skillet. One dollar at a flea market. I didn't really need it, but it was only a dollar!
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