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Default Re: Griswold 203 & Bean Pots

After almost 4 years I still haven't fired off this burner. Restoring these old pieces takes time and by the time I finish one piece I'm on to the next one.
I use "Dupli-Color Semi-Gloss black (DE1635) for most all my pieces that I want to duplicate the japanning effect. I've only found it at the auto stores. It's recommended by the restoration experts in most cases where heat is a concern (up to 500 degrees). They recommend 3 coats with a three day wait period between coats. The burners themselves were sprayed with the high temperature (1200 degree) grill paint. It has a different finish than the 500 degree paint.
I normally put a piece of tape over the incoming manifold pipe to keep spiders etc. from wanting to make their home in it. If you're storing it in an extremely dusty/dirty place I would suggest covering it with a large trash bag with a twist-tie to keep anything from entering.
The standard regulator that's used on an outdoor grill should work as far as I know. May have to adjust the air/gas port on the valve on the stove itself to get a nice blue flame and not an orange one.
Hope this info helps with your restoration project.
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