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Default Re: Don't Show, Just Tell

First, let me say this. I remember being in my grandmothers' kitchens--'50s,
'60s and watching them cook and clean cast iron. Ask one, why do you have that stack of newspapers? Answer, "To clean the pans." Before paper towels.
1. Wagner #10 skillet(70s brand new)--that's what mom used, only hers was a Griswold.
2. I'm a user. We have 6 pieces we use regularly at the house. I have 5 pieces at the camp--use them when I'm up there. Have about 15 pieces at my storage that I use infrequently.
3. As a user, never looked for collectibles--"usefulness". Have some nice old pieces. One of our favorites is one made in Taiwan--#8--just right for a good pone of cornbread.
4. Martin Stove & Range #12 pot with lid--destined for the scrap yard, resurrected it. Cleaned up nicely, used it a couple of times. Sold it recently on Ebay. Close to collecting as I'll get, I figure.
5. Mom's #10 Griswold--too many memories.
6. No clue. I'll run across something sometime, always do. Something that is a dream to someone. I'm just lucky in that regard--seem to stumble on things from time to time that are just insane.
7. I joined this site to learn about those things I love--one such is cast iron. I'm here, not to collect valuables, but to learn of those things our ancestors used in the trivial (to some meaningless) activities they did in day to day life. I'm of a historical mindset--not the big stuff--but the day to day little things they did back then.
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