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Default Re: Pieces from a Recent Estate Tag Sale

Originally Posted by GTurner View Post
I would liked to have seen what was left. Nice haul. Gem pans will set you back a bit. Especially the really old ones, early 1900's and older.
I should have taken some pictures.. but it was pretty crowded and hectic every time I was there. This was one of those estate sales where the sale is in the house. there was a hallway between the kitchen and garage about 10 or 12 feet long, with a small room off of each side... iron, mostly gem pans, hanging floor to ceiling along both walls, above the doors, then hanging on part of two of the walls of one of the rooms off the hallway and sitting out on a table and countertop in that room...there were only about 6 skillets and 1 handled griddle in the whole sale (of course one of the skillets was a slant erie #2, no I didn't get that one) the others were mostly hamburger martins... everything else was gem pans... and toys... a few were gf filley, I got the #7,
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