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Default Pieces from a Recent Estate Tag Sale

some background: I know nothing about the people who collected all this iron... this was a 4 day estate tag sale... (prices are as marked the first day, 20% off the second day, total of 40% off the third day and 50% off the original price the 4th day). there were a lot of gem pans and toys and other stuff... and only a few griswold and martin skillets... no dutch ovens, a couple of waffle irons... odd collection, mostly gem pans. I went on the first day and got a few pieces that I thought were good deals (the griswold trivet for $12, the griswold #27 wheat pan for $40, the gf filley #12 for $55, the toy wagner bailed griddles for $12 each and the martin ballard and ballard griddle)... then I couldn't make it the next day, but was there when they opened the door saturday and got some more pieces (40% off their listed price). and then I went back the final day and got a few more pieces for 50% off... and there was still a lot of gem pans left when I left sunday afternoon. there are a few other pieces not pictured, the two piece erie broiler pans, a griswold erie iron with the wooden handle... I spent quite a bit, but I wouldn't find some of these pieces at auctions or flea markets and antique stores in years of looking.
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