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Default Re: Does Anyone Know the Differences Between the Griswold Broiler Pieces

the book showed one that looked like this one, but indicated that it was not marked... but it showed the other two piece style and indicated that it was marked... just wondered where mine fit in, being the 'other' style but marked...

this was bought at an estate sale near me... and after looking over some pics of items for the sale it appears both pieces were there together at some point, but its possible that someone else bought the one piece before I got there... so unless they already had a bottom piece... they will be looking for the piece I have to complete the set... and vice versa. or it was somewhere separate from the piece I bought and I didn't see it and its still there (the sale goes through sunday)... I'll go back tomorrow and look around some more. I'd hate for the right two pieces to be separated now, after all these years.
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