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Default Re: A Lil' Help with Idents/Restoring Suggestions?


If you haven't already done so, I highly recommend this for your consideration and use.

FYI. Here are before and after pics of a skillet I cleaned. It may be worse than your Griswold. My skillet spent several days in the lye "spa" and then had a few short sessions in the electrolysis tank. For me, the length of time in the E-tank is dictated by 1) whether I need to leave the house and 2) the weather. If I must leave the house, I usually interrupt the session because I don't want to leave the tank unattended. Also, the tank is outside and the battery charger is uncovered, so when it rains, I can not use it.

I am pleased with the cleaning of the skillet. Unfortunately, there is rust pitting on the cooking surface and the bottom of the skillet. Even so, it is usable.

Good luck with your CI.
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