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Default Re: Lye in my e-tank.

I wasn't sure what it would do with the Lye alone. I didn't have a clue about what electrical reaction I would get from the lye as far as whether it would give the intended results or not-even after reading this thread. I tend to be a skeptic.

At this point what I learned is that as the pans got cleaner and the lye dissolved more thoroughly in the tank my amp draw went up to above 20 amps long enough to trip the automatic protection in the PS. The cornbread pan is nearly clean now (mostly carbon, not much rust) and the other pans are coming along nicely (both had a lot of rust and crud). I can see the remains of plating on the Erie I think.
I think the large amount of current was due to the heavy concentration of the lye. I've ran Etanks before with washing soda on much larger pieces without overloading the PS.
I unhooked the cornbread and Erie pan and am just running current through the 4 in 1 lid right now. Even with that I had to raise the anode some to decrease the current flow so the PS would stay on.
The two pans I disconnected are still soaking in the lye bath and not directly hooked to the charger.
I'm very impressed with the results so far. I'm kind of wondering why more people don't use this method.
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