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Default Re: Gate Marked Oval Griddle

Originally Posted by Rob Zamites View Post
Definitely a sad iron heater - although I have read that they often did double duty as a griddle, that's how I use mine. Dedicated griddles often had a perimeter 'drain' (for lack of a better term - I need coffee) and/or pour spouts to drain off the oil.
Nice find!
Rob....Hate to sound argumentative about your decision that it's "Definitely" a sad iron heater without having documentation to do so. I own/have several Griswold "griddles" oval shaped and rectangular that do "not" have the perimeter drains so I think it may be a little inclusive for readers seeking accurate information by using "definitely" without the documentation that would normally be referenced in these post that many people read. Anyone having the Griswold BB can see that on page 60 (Oval Griddle #10) top of page looks quiet similar to the griddle here posted w/ exception to the handles and does not have the referenced "drain". Agreed these type pieces were probably used for both task but Griswold labeled "most" all their pieces as griddles that were intended for that use.
No hard feelings......
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