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Default Re: Not flat edge to edge: my first skillet (Puritan 8D by Favorite)

Originally Posted by Doug D. View Post
...Unfortunately, pans like these can honestly be said to "sit flat", but that doesn't mean they're not warped, just warped the opposite of expected.
right... actually I don't think the seller was dishonest... I think every seller's definition of "no warp" is probably a little different, and it definitely sits flat. Besides that, it was the cheapest Favorite made #8 skillet I could find and the proceeds go to charity, so I didn't feel like returning it.

I'm guessing there are skillets that are much more warped than this one. In fact, I wasn't 100% sure it was warped as opposed to being cast like that... although now I am more believing that it was indeed warped (it doesn't make sense that a company would cast it like this).

I did notice that the deepest part of the trough circle lines up directly over the heat ring, which I think aligns with the notion that it was warped.
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