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Default Re: What's Your Favorite Pan for Cornbread?

I hope it is okay to reply to/bump older threads. Doug, if it is not, please let me know.

For baking, I tend to usually reach for pieces that are in-process with the seasoning or perhaps a skillet I recently used to sear steaks at a higher heat a few times, as baking is one of the very best ways to help build or restore seasoning.

My current favorite for cornbread and biscuits is my 10.5" Stargazer. It's not vintage, but still a wonderful, well designed skillet. They compare it to an #8 on their website but it's really more like a #7 as to available cooking area, by the way. I bought it unseasoned, and DIY seasoned 6 times with a canola/grapeseed mix, carefully double wiping to prevent any pooling. Makes awesome cornbread that flips right out without any sticking whatsoever after a reasonable cooling period.

Other skillets for cornbread I tend to reach for include Griswold slant EPUs, anywhere from a #6 to a #10 depending upon how much I need to make. If company, it's going to be a #9 or #10.

I do like to preheat the pan up a bit first until the oil is sizzling a little before adding the cornbread mixture. My oil of choice is usually bacon grease (adds great flavor), but I've been known to use homemade ghee or even grapeseed or avocado oil if out of bacon grease. In a properly seasoned pan, enough oil to grease the pan, and sufficient cooling time, the cornbread should plop right out without any sticking issues.
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