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Default Large Kettle Clean Up

I bought this 22" kettle with spider for $60 a few weeks ago at a junk shop. It has 8 sprue marks on the bottom. I thought that whiteish layer in it was dirt when i bought it. Got it home and immediate began hunting for a large enough tub for an e tank. Found a 100 gallon livestock water tank on facebook marketplace free for the taking. I took it to a friends house that had a couple pots he wanted to clean also. We made a grid for the tank out of a band saw blade that broke at my work. Welded a grid up with some rebar so we could easily lift it out for cleaning. Made about 80 gallons of solution, then discovered the white layer was lime. took a wire wheel on an angle grinder and a lot of patience to get it out. etched the inside surface with vinegar just in case the wheel slicked it up too much. now its time for business. put the pot in the tank like it would sit in the spider. hung a brake rotor in the middle to provide an, anode for the inside surface. hooked up my battery charger to it and it immediately tripped out. turns out that with that much surface area there that my 6 amp charger wouldn't cut it. Had to borrow a big one. the 24 amp setting worked the best on it. got it clean as a pin then washed and dried it, coated it with veg oil and put it over the turkey fryer for some seasoning. took a long time to get it up to 450, but it is done. Would have been nice if the wind wasn't so bad. Sorry for the long read, but no one made you read it. lol
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