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Default Re: No knead bread in a skillet

It clearly works, but it shouldn't.

I cook bread from scratch about twice a week. In reading bread cook books, I learned that salt inhibits yeast from proofing, so I can see why it takes 8 to 24 hours for this recipe. My recipe takes about an hour to rise. Now that doesn't mean that I totally omit salt, but it goes in last, and the yeast and water proof before I add the flour(about 5 minutes). Admittedly, I do cheat, and use a stand mixer, but I don't see much difference between my ingredients and this recipe. I knead mine once, but you could probably not and it would be fine.

Since I'm new to the CI thing, I'm intrigued about trying out bread in my 9 Griswold. I've been meaning to try olive oil out as well, as I usually use Pam. I don't know about a video, but I will report on how it turns out

And I'm sure you all noticed, but that skillet in the video is not cast iron. I think someone needs to write that guy a letter!
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